Bell 2016 Members

Adina Luo

Entertainment, tech, and sass enthusiast

Alexander Facey

Resident composites expert

Alicia Chon

Good at getting likes on Instagram

Alina Wong

Food + retail + hospitality, Co-Founder of NOMsense Bakery

Armen Vardanyan

Intelligent Systems Enthusiast and Arm-Wrestling Fan

Audrey Harnagel

Nature enthisuast and lover of living things

Ben Feis


Benedikt Lotter

Works (out) and listens to music

Evan Bayless

Hyped Technologist

Fabian Toro

Exploring deep dark corners of universal consciousness

Fifi Yeung

Renaissance Woman Technologist

Hong Kim

Resident 30-year-old

Ian Sibner

Sometimes I write JavaScript

Jimmy Kwon

Fan of serendipity and design+tech

Jonathan Dubin

Evenly distributing the future

Joon Choi

Special Forces Sergeant, Value-Seeking Entrepreneur

Karan Hiremath

If you take away the excessive partying, I’m really just a huge nerd

Kevin Zhai

Raving about apples and oranges

Lauren McCann


Lauren Reeder

Unicorn hunting

Mac Cordrey

Enjoys disco music & mobile tech

Matt Schulman

Mountain Climbing Entrepreneur

Morgan Snyder

90-decibel social entrepreneur / Desi girl wannabe?

Nilesh Kavthekar

Resident pot-stirrer

Prashant Ramesh

Filled with renewable energy

Rebecca Hallac

Animated Technologist!

Richard Roberts

Hacking into your computer right now

Rolanda Evelyn

Obsessed with all things fashion + retail + tech

Sally Kong

To define is to limit

Sudarshan Muralidhar

Head in the Cloud