Bell 2019 Members

Aayush Sanghrajka

Adult in training

Anton Relin

fancy typing with a purpose

Antonio Menarde

Cirrus about Cloud

Ben Greenberg

meta as this tag

Brandon Obas

being weird is the same as being free

Brianna Karpowicz

coffee, code, cure

Carlie Ostrom

Ask me IRL

Eric Chiu

Know what you don’t know.

Hunter Lightman

Don’t Panic

J. Patrick Taggart

Tripping down rabbit holes.

Jason Schwartz

Waiting for the code to compile

Johnathan Chen

Life keeps getting in the way

Julia Pan

hack the government

Katherine Sizov

Biotech is lyfe

Lauren Glenn


Matt Wolfman

Hardware at heart

Matthew Mizbani
Monica Vyavahare
Nastasia Efremkina
Omkar Savant

Would rather be stargazing

Pranav Reddy

Until your idols become your rivals

Robert Zajac

Thinking out loud

Savi Joshi

a little spicy, but super savij

Stephanie Tang

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Tiffany Chang

Coloring outside of the lines

Tiffany Yue

eyes wide open



Vanessa K. Makuvaro

Always a student

William Brown

philosophizing about data

ZX Zhang

Everything on 2X speed