Bell 2020 Members

Abhi Motgi

talk data to me

Alexandre Amice

Everything is fancy addition

Alice Deng

yeeto cheeto

Angelica Du

struggling – but in a fabulous outfit

Annie Su

human bean

Arnav Jagasia

GovTech is the new black

Azzam Al

Learning new things every day

Calista Dominy

just smile and wave, boys

Cameron Cabo

caboose on the loose

Claire Donovan

student of wumbology

Dominic Holmes

forbes 30 under 30 media luminary

Emily Tan

chill out d00ds

Griffin Fitzsimmons

percolating, actualizing

Jacob Beckerman


Jordan Lei

Going against the gradient

Kameron Hypolite

Obsessed with life

Luke Yeagley

Foji dina drommar aven om de verkar vardelosa

Maghnus Mareneck


Melinda Hu

who run the world (girls)

Nate Rush

a node in the network

Nihar Patil

Jack of a few trades

Nox Bei


Qi Linzhi

comfortably dumb

Sanjit Kalapatapu

life is a good milkshake

Seyoung Kim


Sitara Shirol

keep it simple

Siyuan Liu

self care, code style, and social justice

Somil Govani

Don’t trust atoms- they make everything up

Vera Lee

just a little-stitious

Wil Yoo

welcome to my chocolate factory