Bell 2021 Members

Aashish Jain


Andrew Shen

a partially examined life

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert

CEO of dancing in slippers

Arun Kirubarajan

Exploring and Exploiting

Chris Cherian

bUsiNeSs siDe

Claudia Haddad

fueled by novelty

Coco Wang

Aspiring Tik Tok Star

Cristina Pogorevici

Seeking & Embracing Discomfort

Grant Brewster

Build products that are too important to fail.

Ivan Esmeral

Don’t claim hip hop if you only hop to what’s hip

Jelani Hutchins-Belgrave

Shoot for the stars aim for the moooon x3

Jeriann Gumila

small but fierce

Julie Chen

try anything once

Kathie Jin

sheppard of guinea pigs

Katie Shia

woohoo! yay!

May Xiao

we out here

Melisa Lee

skipping the small talk

Moksh Jawa

Jawa Wawa

Nabeel Farooqui

still in beta

Natalia Acero

Scoot scoot

Neil Gramopadhye

chocolate milk enthusiast

Nicholas Carrion Gomez

Master at sleeping. Ok at coding.

Oliver Priebe

harmoniously confused

Ricky Pati

shake & bake

Ryan Pruitt

do it with Pruitt

Saif Khawaja

(leave blank)

Samuel Pfrommer

ambition ahead of adhesion

Selina Nie

nap queen

Shriya Iyer

CEO of oversharing

Sravya Alla

it is what it is

Yiwen Li

don’t think just do