Bell 2024 Members

Aliris Tang

Probably on a mountain somewhere

Amanda Zheng

in search of playtime

Anish Middha

at the end of the day…

Beth Fisher

Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

Bhavya Visal

girl dinner expert

Christa Simaan

everyone is someone

Daniel Barra

“I don’t take naps” - Drake

Davis McCourt
Eli Nathan

Design with a capital D

Eloi Divol


Era Dewan

am i a rich man yet?

Eric Chen


Erik Zhang


Gabriela Garity

there’s nothing you can’t do in 24 hours

Grace Fujinaga

just happy to be here

Jeffrey Chen


Joanna Yang

stop and pet that dog

Joy Chen

Grass is green where you water it

Kishen Sivabalan


Marshal Xu

if you wouldn’t care in five years, don’t care now

Nicholas Kuo

Make me sweat, make me hotter

Raka Acharya

always on the hunt for a sweet treat

Ria Sharma

u ate

Ricky Raup

I was born at a very young age

Rohan Gupta

Any time is house time

Sam Jacob

Don’t lose the forest in the trees

Shan Shan Liang

Living life one laugh at a time

Vikram Bala


Yash Somaiya

mexican pizza, chicken chalupa, and a baja blast please

Zoe Petrovas

ramen profitable